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Who are we?

Let's not say who, but what! Los Perros de la Salsa are a small group of friends, based in Manchester in the UK and Dusseldorf in Germany, that are passionate about dancing salsa and keen to help provide more opportunities for enjoying this wonderful Latin American dance.

Yesica (Dominican Republic) has known this style of music all her life and has been putting on shows and teaching throughout Europe. Her speciality is in Bachata, the slow sexy dance from the Dominican Republic. She has lived in Dusseldorf over five years now and knows much of the salsa dance scene throughout Germany. Dave (UK) discovered Salsa for the first time in 1995, started taking lessons and hasn't stopped learning and dancing since. He lives near Manchester in the UK but works in Germany, thus getting to join in the ever-growing salsa scene in both countries.

The more you learn the more you enjoy it and the more you want to learn. That's why you'll always find us at salsa parties and congresses, not just talking about it but dancing the night away.



I have visited the Mambo City 5 Star congress many times over the past few years and it's always been a really good one, so don't miss it. Mambo City also put on their first New Years Eve event at the Radisson. It was a fabulous event.

Watch out for the new Liverpool Salsa Festival. It looks like being another great event for the North West.

Yesica with Susana Montero, Hamburg 2004

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